Washington, DC resounds with many voices – some crying for change, others defending the status quo.

In the midst of this noise is a group of individuals who have made it their profession to serve as liaisons between businesses and Washington’s lawmakers and regulators – lobbyists. They are a necessary resource, but their focus is generally on access alone – and not on the investment you make in their services and what to expect in return.

In running a business, you’re faced with a host of ongoing concerns: competitive pressures, rising costs and the natural evolution of economies, to name just a few. More and more you and your organization also have to worry about how government actions affect your balance sheet.

But what if you could cut through the din and focus on the laws and regulations that actually have an impact on your bottom line? And what if you could actually affect laws and regulations in ways that drive dollars to the bottom line?

A business’ profits are not traditionally a lobbyist’s concern. But it is for Schumacher Partners International. Schumacher’s sole focus is to search out and then provide counsel and strategy at the points where your bottom line intersects laws and regulations. We work with organizations to develop and implement integrated plans that help reach their business goals, instead of their perceived level of access.

Yes, we know the influence game, but so do most of the other firms in Washington. The difference is our firm is run by business people, whose focus is on maximizing your investment and boosting your results.